Leading the way in lightweight composite structures & tooling.


Leading the way in lightweight composite structures & tooling.


Leading the way in lightweight composite structures & tooling.


Leading the way in lightweight composite structures & tooling.



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Composite Tooling, Architecture, Sculpture, Furniture & Displays, Industrial Composites and Prototype Development.


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We build strong, lightweight custom composite parts that fit your unique design and manufacturing needs. We take your design from the drawing board to completion, bringing precision to bear at every stage.  With over 30 years of experience across multiple industries, we offer smart and value-based solutions.

• Marine
• Transportation
• Robotics
• Art
• Architecture
• Defense

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“As a start-up aquaculture company based in Maine, we were able to frequently visit Custom Composites and discuss project details, expediting the process to meet our quick timelines. Custom composites provided dependable collaboration, quick and consistent communication and careful selection of materials for our marine organisms. The final product was excellently executed!”

“CCTI is a class act and an inventive operation. The parts they built for Scheherazade couldn’t have been more expertly constructed.”

“I have known Steve Hassett for over 25 years and whenever I need some outside composite work done at either of the two companies that I work with, he is the first one I call. Steve is my go-to-guy. Custom Composites Technologies has helped with many things including some very complicated tooling for our outer and inner door panels of the Transition airplane. There have been no problems with the molded parts and they fit together perfectly every time. Steve is a great asset in the composite industry.”

“Steve Hassett and his team at Custom Composite have a very can-do attitude coupled with outstanding technical knowledge.”

“The canopy fabricated by CCTI for the Chewonki Foundation¹s solar-powered car (a collaboration with Kronosport), was an unqualified success. It was extremely lightweight, durable and able to carry the solar panels that powered the vehicle. This project demonstrates CCTI’s ability to flexibly address a range of renewable energy applications. I’m excited to work with Steve and his team in the future, possibly on a tidal energy project that I am coordinating for the town of Wiscasset.”

“Custom Composites makes the tooling for vehicles designed by the MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team. We have had three sets of molds made for three of our solar cars and each time have been very satisfied with the accuracy and craftsmanship. The greatest resource at Custom Composites is Steve, who has been willing to share his expertise in composites manufacturing with us. We have found his technical advice and tips to be extremely useful in our own manufacturing of solar cars. For example, one time, we were chatting about our plan to join structural panels together and Steve made a suggestion that increased the bonding area, thus making our attachment stronger and more reliable. His advice has helped us improve our own process, resulting in better parts and in many cases has also saved us hours of frustration.”

“Steve Hassett is our composite technology guru. When our school was awarded a $30,000 grant for composites education it required matching donations. Steve offered to help us meet that match by donating both his time and materials. He’s made himself available to the students once a month. Their projects range from snowboards and lacrosse sticks to wind turbine blades and electric cars, all of which present a variety of technological challenges. We save up our toughest questions for Steve and he always has an answer.”