We are high-performance builders.

Custom Composite Technologies, Inc. (CCTI) takes your design from the drawing board to completion, bringing precision to bear at every stage. We build strong, lightweight custom composite parts. With over 30 years of  experience across multiple industries, we offer value-based solutions to your design and manufacturing challenges.



Pre-preg, carbon fiber, epxoy resins are matched with the most innovative methods for fabrication of large, complex assemblies built to customer specifications.

CCTI has earned its place in the custom tooling market by delivering consistent quality tooling for marine, wind, automotive, and industrial applications.

Art & 
CCTI offers its hands-on knowledge of composite materials and methods to our clients to solve their critical challenges in composite fabrication.

The ACMA Certified Crew at CCTI is trained and skilled for challenging installation or repairs for yacht, art sculptures, or industrial components.