Composite Tooling

Custom Composite Technologies, Inc. develops carbon fiber and fiberglass tools to customer specifications while incorporating its own proven application methods. Consistent quality is delivered from direct one-off tools to full production tools. We strategize with our customer’s engineers to optimize the manufacturing of critical shapes and intricate details.

Architecture: Sculptures, Furniture, and Displays

Composites materials offers architects virtually unlimited license to be creative and composite fabrication brings the design to reality.   CCTI builds the designs that are truly difficult.

Industrial Composites

Manufacturing companies are served through the custom fabrication of plates, arms, and lightweight components to improve the performance of their precision machinery.   Machine parts are re-envisioned with composites.

Prototype Development

CCTI partners with creative start-ups in the development of first run prototypes and limited production runs.  From renewable energy to audio, customers designs are realized.

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